Why You Should Invest In Breakdown Cover

As rocketing fuel and insurance prices continue to make the headlines crypto trust in the news, it is not surprising that the last thing you may be considering as a driver is breakdown cover. However, as the average cost of a single car breakdown can cost as much as a year’s worth of insurance, it is important to make sure you have an appropriate level of cover and if not, make sure that you get some Private investment Custodian.
If you breakdown by the side of the road, and do not have any breakdown cover from AA, you will be expected to pay around £150 to have your car recovered and towed from the side of the road. This, remember is just the price of towing the vehicle away and does not include the price of any repairs your car may need.
Different Types of Breakdown Cover Available
It is important to give due consideration to the appropriate level of breakdown cover that is right for you. At the moment, the standard levels offered by most include:
Roadside – The basic and standard level of breakdown cover. This enables you to have assistance from a qualified professional at the side of the road if you breakdown within a pre-determined distance from your home. Generally, this is absolutely free, though any charge you may receive will depend on the amount of labour required to help you out.
National Cover – This is the next level up from roadside cover and is different in that it not only covers transport for the driver/policy holder, but anyone else who was in the car at the time of the breakdown.
Home Start – This is a more extensive and comprehensive level of cover that includes breakdown assistance even when it occurs at your home.
Onward Travel – This is the most extensive and comprehensive form of national breakdown cover available and differs in that it includes all of the above as well as the cost of accommodation and any car hire associated with an unexpected breakdown.
It Can Save You Lots of Money In The Long Run
Obviously, the price of the policy depends on the level of coverage you require with onward travel and home start policies being more expensive than just a simply roadside policy. This is why it is essential that you shop around and compare the prices of covers to find the best one.
The overall cost of yearly breakdown cover though not only gives you the peace of mind that takes some of the stress out of driving, but will also help you to save money in the long run. Remember, the average cost nowadays for having your car towed and recovered from the side of the road can be as much as £150, which is a price something you would obviously like to avoid paying if possible. With an appropriate level of car breakdown cover you can ensure you do.
Although you may feel overwhelmed when you look at the sheer choice and variety on offer with regards to breakdown cover, it is very important that you take the time to sort it out. After all, having the best breakdown cover can be a godsend when you are stuck on the layby or the side of the road late at night.…

The Comeback sbobet

I’d just won a pretty fair pot from the older guy to my left. He was from New York and, evidently, an avid tennis player. At one point a Nashville man with an Australian accent offered to play him on the closest courts for $1000. Mr. New York politely declined. By the end of the night, he’d give me more than that at this NL game.
Just few hands later, I’ve got about $600 in chips with another sbobet $600 behind and the young asian player in the 2 seat is ready to test my hand.
I was in the 5 seat and on the button when he led out for a raise, making it $35 to go. I popped it up to $80 and he just called. I figured him for a strong ace. If I’m right then the flop was great for him. It was :
Ad Kh 6h
Oddly enough, he decided to check and I bet $100. He calls.
The turn is :
That puts a SECOND flush draw on the board and if he DOES have a strong ace he can’t let this hand go any further. Honestly, by now, I’m worried he may have a set..especially when he checks again. Still, because I’m an aggressive donkey, I bet out another $200. He calls again.
The river is :
He checks again. Both flushes are gone and, while a straight is possible, it seems awfully unlikely given the action so far. He checks again. I bet $400 and my newfound friend goes deep in the tank before asking how much I have left. He then looks to the table, hoping they’ll offer a clue about my hand, before complaining “you just sucked out on the damn river!!” and folding into the muck.
I showed the hammer and raked the pot.
It’s a 9 hour drive from sbobet to Tunica. Badblood and I took turns driving and the man at the wheel had the I-Pod option. Mine was loaded with Phish, Galactic, Particle, and Acoustic Syndicate. His is all Heavy Metal (with the odd exception of Olivia Newton John, I’ll let HIM explain that). It’s not a bad drive, almost all of it on a single highway, and we made good time. Otis flew into Memphis. CJ drove from another direction.
We often like to brag about our homegame here and it’s, frankly, a warrented boast. Blood and I hit about 3 games a week, and the hands we play heads up are always the most fun. I know his moves by now, and he knows my donkey agression. It’s a level of thinking we don’t use often. Otis and CJ, I’ve known for much longer and I consider them 2 of my closest friends in the world. When I heard they’d be in Tunica, I wanted to meet them. At first, it wasn’t really about poker. Lots of people are more skilled than our G-Vegas gang, but nobody has more fun.
Take Saturday for example…
The Gold **** casino was running games in two rooms. The WPT was done for the day with the main event final table scheduled for Sunday. I spent most of Friday sitting next to Clonie Gowen’s mom at a NL table while her daughter played next door. She knocked out Cloutier. Mom wasn’t bad either.
On Saturday night, Sunday morning really, the WPT room was used for the really high limit games and Blood and I wanted to see the action. As always, I wanted in. The game was $400/$800 Omaha with 4 players : Mimi Tran, John D’Agostino, Chad Brown, and Tuan Le. I couldn’t find an empty chair, but one player, Hasan Habib, stood up to let me in.
When I sat, I spread 3 $20s across the felt and waited. Nobody even blinked. After Le and D’Agostino played one hand, Brown looked at me and asked what I wanted. “Sixty Dollars,” I said without a smile.
“This is $400/$800,” he replied, “you can’t play here.”
“Don’t you have a $60 chip?” I asked without blinking. I just sat there waiting.
The table played another hand with me watching and waiting. Then another hand…and another. Finally I just tapped my finger on the 3 $20s on the table to remind the dealer of my intent. It had the opposite effect. He made me leave.
It’s odd that after driving all that way to see Otis and CJ, I hardly spoke to them at all. Otis was hanging out in the Grand’s poker room when we got there that night and CJ arrived an hour later. The place was totally dead by then with the WSOP Circuit events over for the day. The only games they spread by then were three tables of $2/$5 no max NL and a few games of $4/$8. I’d never played $2/$5 before and I’d only brought $1000 to play but I suck at limit poker so I took a stab.
I bought in for $300 while most of the players had almost 10x than much behind. One younger girl, Otis called her “rich bitch”, had close to $10k. It forced me off my game. As BadBlood would later observe, the smell of scared money had to be obvious to the other players. The only hand I won was when I played the hammer hard, and the others folded post flop. They just knew a poor beggar like me wouldn’t bluff.
Once CJ got there he took my entire stack. I raised pre-flop and he came over the top. The flop was 10-high and I led out $100, obviouly a mistake in retrospect, and he came over the top putting me all in. His KK held up against my JJ and I needed a break. At least I lost to CJ. I took break to donk off another $100 at Blood’s limit table before investing another $350 in the NL game.
I should add, once you go broke in Tunica, there isn’t much else to do. Here I’d invested almost all of my cash in this stupid game and I still hadn’t seen our hotel room. I decided that if I was gonna go broke, they’d have to beat my A-Game and the scared money was gone. I made back all of my losses and finished up $220.
It was a great setup for Friday, my best ever day of casino poker.
CJ, Blood and I drove over to the Gold **** and had “brunch” downstairs. The poker room, just like at the Grand, is an escalator ride upstairs. Unlike the Grand, this room was packed thanks to the WPT main event. I found a seat at $1/$2NL and was comfortable from the start. Clonie’s mom was nice enough and the conversation went like this :
Woman in 10s : So, is your daughter playing right now?
Mom : Yeah, she just knocked TJ out.
Woman : Did she win her way here by playing online?
Mom : No, she’s sponsored by Full Tilt.
Now the word “sponsored” caught my attention more than anything else, so I just had to chime in…
G-Rob : What’s your daughter’s name?
Mom : Clonie Gowan
G-Rob : Oh! She’s famous. You know, I’m G-Rob, I’m famous too.
Mom : I haven’t heard of you.
G-Rob : I’m a friend of Otis.
Mom : I don’t know him either.
G-Rob : I find that hard to believe.
I bought into the game with $300 and cashed out with $1300. It felt good to play well. Plus, my table tilting powers were finally intact. After crushing the free buffet, Blood and I went to railbird Otis and CJ in the WSOP second chance tourney.…

Which Affiliate Networks To Look For When Promoting

There are many horror stories about affiliate programs and networks. People have heard them over and over again, that some are even wary of joining one. The stories they may have heard are those related to illegal programs or pyramid schemes. Basically, this kind of market does not have real, worthy product.
You do not want to be associated with these schemes. It is obvious you want to be with a program that offers high quality product that you will readily endorse. The growing number of those who have joined already and are succeeding immensely is proof enough that there are reliable and quality affiliate programs out there.
Why participate in an affiliate program?
It allows you to work part-time. It gives you the opportunity to build a generous residual income. And it makes you an owner of a small business. Affiliate programs have already created lots of millionaires. They are the living testimony of how hard work; continuous prospecting, motivating and training others pay off.
If ever you are deciding to join one, you must take note that you are getting into something that is patterned to what you are capable of. This will be an assurance that you are capable of doing anything to come out successful.
How do you choose a good affiliate program to promote? Here are some tips you may want to look over before choosing one:
1. A program that you like and have interest in. One of the best ways of knowing if that is the kind of program you wish to promote is if you are interested in purchasing the product yourself. If that is the case, chances are, there are many others who are also interested in the same program and products.
2. Look for a program that is of high quality. For instance, look for one that is associated with many experts in that particular industry. This way, you are assured that of the standard of the program you will be joining into.
3. Join in the ones that offer real and viable products. How do you know this? Do some initial research. If possible, track down some of the members and customers to give you testimonial on the credibiliy of the program.
4. The program that is catering to a growing target market. This will ensure you that there will be more and continuous demands for your referrals. Make inquiries. There are forums and discussions you can participate in to get good and reliable feedbacks.
5. A program with a compensation plan that pays out a residual income and a payout of 30% or more would be a great choice. There are some programs offering this kind of compensation. Look closely for one. Do not waste your time with programs that do not reward substantially for your efforts.
6. Be aware of the minimum quotas that you must fulfill or sales target that is too hard to achieve. Some affiliate programs imposes pre-requisites before you get your commissions. Just be sure that you are capable of attaining their requirements.
7. Select one that has plenty of tools and resources that can help you grow the business in the shortest possible time. Not all affiliate programs have these capacities. Make use you decide on one with lots of helpful tools you can use.
8. Check out if the program has a proven system that can allow you to check your networks and compensation. Also check if they have it available online for you to check anytime and anywhere.
9. The program that is offering strong incentives for members to renew their membership each time. The affiliate program that provides continuous help and upgrades for its products have the tendency to retain its members. These things can assure the growth of your networks.
10. Be aware of the things that members are not happy about in a program. Like with the ones mentioned above, you can do your checking at discussion forums. If you know someone in that same program, there is ho harm asking if there are many downsides involved.
Have a thorough and intensive knowledge about the affiliate program and network you will be promoting on.
Knowing the kind of program you are getting yourself into will make you anticipate and prevent any future problems you may encounter. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Agency UK

Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

If you are using extracts and their powerful oils, there will be many different ways to enjoy their benefits. You can calm down as well as ease any discomfort by breathing in the aromas of certain essences.

And, you may want to think about getting an essential oil diffuser that can do the work for you. Keep reading to learn more about the best ultrasonic essential oil diffusers.

Why are Ultrasonic Diffusers so Popular?
Ultrasonic diffusers have become more and more popular because of so many reasons. They are great solutions when you need some relaxation. You can use them even when you’re sleeping because these devices work quietly.

Moreover, they also are known as an endless array of designs. Plus, some of them are put on a great light.

Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers
Here are just a few benefits you can get from using essential oil diffusers:

Pain Relief
This is the most important benefit of essential oil. When using a diffuser, you can get a more effective result. If you use a diffuser, you just need to inhale the oil all day. Therefore, you can get the most out of the essential oils.

You can use many different oils to relieve pain from menstrual cramps and pains, plantar fasciitis, migraines back pain, kidney stones, and pain from terminal cancer as well. Learn more about dysport vs botox which is better

Killing Bacteria
When using essential oil diffusers, you can also get the antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial effects. In fact, these devices allow the essential oils to easily get into every crack. Therefore, it’s safe and clean.

Improved Sleep
You can get improved sleep by using an essential oil diffuser. The smell of essential oils can make your sleep better. It also can help to decrease the effects of your insomnia.

The oils can be dispersed thanks to programmable diffusers when you sleep. Therefore, you can get benefits all-night long.

Lifts Your Mood
You can improve your mood by using essential oils. Also, they can help to lift your spirits. In order to get the most out of them, you need to fill your space constantly with the smell of the essential oils.

The Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers 2019
1. Innogear Upgraded 150ml Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
The first ultrasonic diffuser we want to list here is the Innogear Upgraded. It can be put on the green light. This unit is designed with a room for 150ml of water. Therefore, you can put here about 15 drops of essential oils.

It can be able to run for hours. Moreover, it’s great for those who are looking for a quiet model. Plus, it’s easy to use as well.

If you need ones for traveling, you also shouldn’t miss this product. The fact is that this diffuser doesn’t take up much space though it seems to be bigger than the original ones. That’s why you can easily pack and clean it.

2. Young Living Desert Mist Diffuser
Actually, this is a reputable company creating as well as distributing essential oils. Also, this product works as a humidifier and atomizer. It generates 1.7 million waves each second.

It’s designed with three modes of control, including low, high, and intermittent. Plus, it is available in 11 different light settings.

Furthermore, it’s simple to use. There is plenty of timer options available for you. You will have plenty of lighting option as well.

Customers are satisfied with the most part of the product. But, some complaint about the price since it’s expensive a bit.

3. Asakuki 50 ml Premium Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
If you want to get a diffuser with a much large basin than these above products, you can consider choosing the Asakuki. It is known for its super cool design. You can put this diffuser in your bedroom or your Yoga studio.

This unit is made from eco-friendly materials. There are 7 different changing colors aside from multiple mist modes.

Furthermore, it can be able to work as a nebulizer. Plus, it is designed with a safety auto-switch. Therefore, you needn’t worry it runs out of water.

With this diffuser, you also won’t worry about allergens. Instead, you can get a dust-free environment.

This option is great for those who want to get an all-in-one device. Also, it’s ideal for those who want to get bright clean designs.

4. Diffuserlove Ultrasonic Remote Control Essential Oil Diffuser
This product is equipped with manual control in addition to the standard 7 LED light color charger. It offers a 550 ml basin. Therefore, it’s a good choice for those who are looking for ones with a large tank.

It can be able to work as not only a humidifier but also an air purifier. Also, it runs as a moisturizer.

It’s known for a wood finish and flower design. Many customers choose this unit because of multiple functions. The manufacturers give you a 2-year warranty. Besides, this is also a great consideration for your budget.

However, this product is not great for those who want to get a diffuser with a power source or remote.

5. Urpower 1000 ml Essential Oil Diffuser
When it comes to the most popular ultrasonic essential oil diffusers on the market today, we can’t miss the Urpower. It’s known for a ton of wonderful features.

This diffuser is equipped with wireless remote control. There is a large basin. In fact, it may be the largest basins in our list today.

Plus, it also has the auto shut off feature. It will automatically shut off when it’s out of the water or essential oils. Especially, it can be able to work as a humidifier.

It comes with three time-settings, including 3, 6, and 9 hours. Besides, the device comes with an adjustable mist mode.
This is a great option for those who are looking for ones decorated with wood grain.

6. Leknes Essential Oil Diffuser
This device is capable of working for a long time thanks to a 550 ml tank. It’s designed with several time settings. It is equipped with an option that can shut the light off when you sleep.

Like others mentioned previously, it can also work as a humidifier. In fact, it can be able to work for 10 hours continuously.

The manufacturer will give you a 40-day money back guarantee. Also, you will get an 18-month warranty. Furthermore, this is also a good option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

7. Urpower Square Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
This device is square. So, it’s different from any others above. It’s a great option for those who need ones for calming. It’s equipped with a 700 ml basin. It can work as a night light.

Moreover, it’s known for advanced ultrasonic technology. Plus, it has the usual features. There is a 7 color interchangeable LED light.

However, some customers reviewed that this device is not as quiet as the advertisement.

8. Bel Air Natural Essential Oil Diffuser
Another good choice of the ultrasonic diffuser is the Bel Air Natural Diffuser. It comes with the same 7 colors LED light system.

It’s popular for multiple functions. In fact, it can also work like a humidifier, an ionizer, or an air purifier. With this diffuser, you need to use less essential oils compared to other devices.

This option is affordable. It’s great for those who are looking for ones to diffuse a small space. Especially, you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

9. Leknes Essential Oil Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
The Leknes comes with 4-time settings. Besides, there is a waterless shut off option. It’s designed with a 30 ml tank covered in wood grain. It’s a good choice for the first time users. Also, it’s perfect for those who want to get an abundance of light.

Like the previous product, this unit also can work as a light at night. It’s an affordable diffuser on the market now. When buying this product, you will receive a 40-day money back guarantee.

10. Sparoom Mysto Essential Oil Diffuser
If you want to purchase a mid-size essential oil diffuser, the Sparoom Mysto is just for you. It is available in two different styles, including a shiny bronze and trendy marble. It offers a water capacity of 140 ml.

It comes with a solid stream of mist. Also, it has one button that allows you to easily use. You only need to press the power button in order to cycle through light settings. Not like the others, it doesn’t have the option to turn off the light.…

New EC Ruling Could Have Effect on US Internet togel Gambling Laws

On 21st March, The European Commission (EC) took the next step towards removing gambling restrictions in a number of EU states.

In the spring of 2006, the European Commission initiated infringement proceedings under Article 226 of the Treaty on European Union against seven EU member states following complaints lodged by private gambling companies. Late in 2006, the EC then also sent letters of formal notice to France, Germany, and Austria following concern that these countries were also implementing protectionist policies.

After receiving replies to its written request for information from Finland, Hungary, and Denmark, the EC deemed the replies unsatisfactory, and took the next step by issuing reasoned options to these states. Under Article 226 of the Treaty on European Union, infringement proceedings are divided into three stages: A letter of formal notice, a reasoned option, and referral to the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The Commission stated that countries who do not allow out of country togel sports betting, or Internet gambling activities, yet promote in-country gambling such as government run lotteries and casinos must open up their borders to gambling or the EU can take them to court. It explained that these countries, specifically Denmark, Finland, and Hungary, cannot claim that they are protecting their consumers from gambling since they promote certain kinds of gambling within their country.

But the real significance of this ruling is how it will affect the future of Internet gambling in the United States.

No other country in the world has a stronger rate of gambling growth than the United States, nor is there another country that more forcefully pushes out other countries from entering their market, which clearly goes against WTO and EU rules.

Every day the State House and Senate Committees introduce new bills offering various gambling expansion ideas. These bills either promote more slot machines at already existing slot parlors in a particular state, or they promote table games at places where only slots are allowed, or they promote the introduction of casinos in states where there are currently none.

Commercials for state run lotteries can be seen daily on television and heard continuously on the radio throughout the US. And with Las Vegas and Atlantic City being the biggest part of this culture, there is little escape from it. No other country sees gambling as a natural part of its past time as much as the US.

So it can be logically deduced that the EU will eventually go after America for the same reasons they are going after Hungary, Denmark, and Finland.

As yet there have been no remarks in reaction to this EU ruling from anyone of significance in the US, but keep checking back here for the latest updates as they unfold.…

Review of Ken Uston on Blackjack

Ken Uston is, without a doubt, one of the most successful and colorful Blackjack players of all time. His knowledge of the game, creativity in the cause of beating the casinos, and his clarity in writing about it are legendary, and for good reason. This book covers the period in his career from early 1984 until the middle of 1986. (Million Dollar Blackjack covers from 1974 until the end of 1979, One-Third of a Shoe covers the period at the beginning of 1979 when Atlantic City Casinos weren’t allowed to bar card counters, Ken Uston’s Newsletters on Blackjack cover from the beginning of 1979 through the end of 1981.)

This is the real-life adventure of a high stakes card counter at the tables of Las Vegas and in the courtrooms of Nevada. With his card counting team he does battle with the casinos trying to win money at the tables while he and his legal team do battle with the casinos in the court rooms for the right to play. The book jumps back and forth between these two battles chronologically giving us a sense of Uston’s life during this period. We get to experience his victories and defeats in both arenas along with him.

The reader won’t learn much about improving their Blackjack skills, although some of the discussions of team play and the card counter’s “act” are useful. The book is mainly a diary of the events of the time, which were key in the history of card counting.

Blackjack players’ opinions are split about whether Uston’s court efforts helped or hurt card counting, but there’s no dispute that he joined the Slot Gacor battle with a zest and his recounting of it is both informative and enjoyable. His clear writing style again gives us an unclouded look at the his life and experiences at the time. Uston is one of the best writers the game of Blackjack has ever had. This book is another fine example of his work.

This book may not make you a much better Blackjack player, but it is highly informative and entertaining. Uston chronicles exciting stories of his team’s efforts at the Blackjack tables and describes the key events in his attempts to prevent casinos from barring card counters. If you enjoyed The Big Player or One-Third of a Shoe you’ll really enjoy this. Strongly recommended if you enjoy reading about card counting exploits.…

Agent: Lee Chun-Soo Will Be Feyenoord Success on Bandar Togel Singapore



Dennis Murray is head of GSEN Europe, an agency that specialises in helping South Korean players move to Europe. Murray is the man who negotiated Lee Chun-soo’s recent transfer to Feyenoord and he found time for a quick chat regarding the transfer.


Tell us about GSEN.


GSEN Korea is managed by Kim Dong-guk and looks after players like Lee Young-pyo, Seol Ki-hyeon and a few other players.


In the Netherlands, Lee Young- pyo’s manager and I discussed about me doing business for GSEN. I started the European headquarters in order to help put Korean players in European clubs.


GSEN only deals with Korean players?


GSEN Europe only deals with Korean players, GSEN Korea is looking at foreign players.


Why do you think European clubs are interested in Korean players?


It is not specifically Korean players that they are interested in but good players. It’s not a matter of attracting a Korean player but attracting a good player that happens to be Korean.


How does the process work?


Basically we know about every European club – what positions they need etc. Prior to the beginning of the transfer window, you can see a lot of agents, including us, start faxing CVs and sending DVD’s to clubs, trying to pitch their player for that specific position. The scouts and the technical staff will then take a look at the most promising players.


Once they are interested, then they will enquire to the club or watch a few live games of the player to get a sense of what he is like in a real situation and not just on screen. When they like it, they will put him on a shortlist and for every position that they need, the club will have a few players in mind. They will start with player one and if player one is not an option then they will move down the list until they reach somebody they can get.


SO GSEN has a pool of Bandar Togel Singapore players in Korea that it can recommend to European teams?


Exactly. We have players with our agency but sometimes a club will say to us that ‘we have a player that wants to move, we want you to represent us a club as the player moves.


That’s what happened with Lee Chun-soo?


Yes. Ulsan (Lee’s K-League club) gave us the mandate. I was asked by GSEN Korea to look in the Netherlands. I had three options. Feyenoord was the first option and a direct hit.


What about the other two clubs?


I looked at a suitable club for him and only three qualified. Feyenoord, AZ and Ajax. Feyenoord was the best option since he gets to play in a good team with good players (like Giovanni van Bronkhorst, Roy Makaay) and work with a great coach (Bert van Marwijk.)


He should fit in just fine. Also his success later on in the EPL will be guaranteed since the Dutch League is the perfect stepping stone for Korean players when adjusting.



Why didn’t Lee move directly to England?


At the time when I received his CV the question was can you search for a good European club? I knew there were genuine offers from EPL clubs but I strongly suggested that he should consider moving to a Dutch club first.


The reason and only reason is to do away with the reports of him moving to the EPL on the back of Korean sponsorship deals. He is a very gifted and skilled player who doesn’t need piggy back rides like that. That’s why a move to the Dutch League instead of the EPL would come as a surprise and will show his credibility as a player. That shows his character.


There was interest from England?


It was not that he refused to go to a EPL club. The idea was if a club is first and most concrete about the permanent transfer offer that he would choose to go to that club. At first his focus was only EPL clubs.


Fulham, Chelsea, Wigan, Portsmouth and West Ham United. Fulham made a concrete loan offer but only a permanent transfer was sought after by both Ulsan and Lee.


I knew I could arrange the permanent transfer for him at the mentioned Dutch clubs so I suggested to take them in account as well. Especially since it will not be tainted with sponsorship linking.


Don’t get me wrong though, the EPL is still his main and firm goal. So after three good years at Feyenoord you might see that move happen. If Feyenoord wants to sell him earlier, then it will happen sooner of course.


How easy were the negotations with Feyenoord?


It was not easy. Once I got involved, the negotations took only 15 minutes but it was not easy. Once agents know that a club is interested in a certain player they will try to bypass you and say that they are the player’s representatives.


That has been Lee’s problem in the past hasn’t it? He’s been close to a move but his many agents make it complex.


Exactly. At the time, I was waiting for Feyenoord to come back to me because we had pitched Lee at the end of May, early June. We had some phone conversations and then we had to wait for Feyenoord because the club had other options.


All of a sudden, we learned that Feyenoord was dealing already.


Dealing with Ulsan?


That’s the question! It was an agent who claimed to be representing the club which was not possible because we had the mandate from the club. Feyenoord thought that it was over because Ulsan didn’t want to talk any more.


I got the call that Feyenoord was dealing but the deal (a loan deal) fell through. I called the club’s technical director and asked him what was going on. He replied that ‘we have a problem, we really want this player.’ I said OK, I gave him all the terms that I had agreed with Ulsan and the player through GSEN Korea.


It took only 15 minutes for Feyenoord to say yes and then we told Ulsan and Ulsan were also very quick to say yes. From then, it was up to Lee’s manager to go with the personal terms that I had negoitiated for the player and they also agreed,


This was like hours before the deadline and Lee still needed a medical. We arranged a medical in Seoul (because flying to Amsterdam was not possible at that time), Feyenoord really wanted him so they said OK and they appointed a doctor. It was done. It was not a textbook deal!


Sounds quick but difficult!


Yes. The difficulty always comes when other agents come forward and say they are representing the player.


Is it common to have multiple agents?


It is not just limited to Korea. It happens all over the world –in South America, in England even. You probably hear stories of players signing two or three contracts because they are represented by different agents.


Why do players do this?


The younger players are easily influenced by dubious agents. They say ‘I can get you this and this at a great club, just sign here.’ And they sign. The next day another agent comes and he has an even better offer and they sign.



Will Lee Chun-soo be a success?


I know he can be. He needs to look at the communication. He needs to be able to communicate with his coach and his team. I understand that will not be a problem. He will be helped in the Netherlands with anything he needs.


He will be the biggest Korean success in the Netherlands and after that I can help him move to the EPL.


I am happy that he is here and can play here. He is a very good player.


How about Park Chu-young?


For Park Chu-young there was and still is interest in Europe. Problem was that he was not a very physical player. But seeing him now after recovery from his injury I don’t think that will be regarded as any issue anymore. He is more bulky looking at the moment so physical play should not be a problem.



Slovenia has the most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations in the World | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin




While Bitcoin Cash (BCH), merchant adoption is growing, acceptance of BCH in some regions, such as Australia, Japan and New Hampshire, is increasing. Each region pursues BCH adoption differently, but the Republic of Slovenia has received huge retail acceptance as Eligma, the payment processor, has tirelessly spread crypto awareness across the country. Eligma announced that its Gocrypto service is now available to 500 merchants.


Ljubljana Startup Eligma Reaches 500 Crypto Supporting Retailers Worldwide, As Digital Currency Acceptance in Slovenia Rises


Slovenia, a country in central Europe, currently has the highest bitcoin cash acceptance. Slovenia has approximately 2 million people living there. Digital currency acceptance is also thriving. Bitcoin City, a 475,000-square-meter financial and shopping center in Ljubljana, was introduced to cryptocurrency enthusiasts last year. Thanks to Eligma, a payment service that facilitates secure and seamless crypto payments through its products Elly or Gocrypto, the shopping complex saw a significant increase in crypto adoption.




Slovenia has the most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations in the World


Marco Coino reports that there are 432 BCH-supporting retailers in Slovenia.


Soon after, Eligma continued to promote digital currency adoption in Slovenia and began getting many merchants onboarded for Croatia. Eligma received funding of EUR4 million from investors such as the Pangea Blockchain Fund, and Bitcoin.com in September. Eligma launched its payment infrastructure Gocrypto a few weeks later. On October 10, the startup announced that it now has 500 locations that use the Gocrypto framework. Slovenia is home to the majority of 500 Gocrypto merchants. Check out more about Charity Coin


Eligma explained that Gocrypto’s infrastructure had reached a remarkable milestone last September. There are now 500 Gocrypto locations located in many countries. “This has made Slovenia, our homebase, the country with the most physical crypto locations in the world.


Marco Coino is a geo-location app that finds bitcoin cash-accepting merchants. It shows 432 BCH-supporting retailers in Slovenia. Didi Taihuttu from the Netherlands, who sold everything in order to invest in cryptocurrency, stated that Ljubljana, Slovenia, was a popular destination for crypto-users two weeks ago. Taihuttu said that his family was able pay for 80% all of their daily living expenses using digital currencies. Many observers think it is difficult to ignore Slovenia’s growing crypto penetration. Roger Ver, Bitcoin.com’s Executive Chair, has shared videos of his experience making bitcoin cash purchases from Slovenia. Ver shared with him the information that Eligma had revealed to him that BCH was his number one crypto followed by ETH and finally Eligma’s token ELI.…

Best Robot Lawn Mowers – Reviews & Buying Guide Akku Rasenmäher Test


Back in the day, before mower, yards were simply fields taken in by livestock or lamb. Amongst these lawnmowers, electrical lawn mowers are one of the most famously utilized nowadays, specifically to homeowners that possess yards not surpassing 8,000 square feet. These cordless yard mowers are prominent amongst ordinary homeowners that preserve little lawns. Both corded and also cordless lawn mowers are quickly kept, packed, and also unloaded consequently. They are available in 2 ranges: the corded as well as cordless electric lawnmowers. Without a doubt, the mower has come a lengthy method from Budding’s inventive creation. Budding’s lawnmower was a press cyndrical tube (reel) lawnmower that was made to change using scythe as well as to conveniently reduce the yard on sporting activities ground as well as large yards. Sandy’s tale strolled me with her experience with the lawnmower in an extremely appealing tale concerning preparing her grass for summer season visitors. Did you recognize that more new cordless electric mower just utilizes as much electrical power as stove toaster ovens?

These electric-powered yard mowers started to appear in the 1930s, and also, after that, innovation has enabled advanced attributes as well as renovations. Business passionate elements and also attributes such as produced decks, effective engines, transaxles, and also drive systems for many years of efficiency and also sturdiness. A cutting-edge, best-in-class 82-volt battery system powers numerous device systems, providing the power and also the efficiency of similar gas-powered devices without the mess, fumes, and also sound. Greenworks devices are the leaders in battery-powered external power devices for DIY-consumers and also landscape design specialists. They are mower deck, power system, blade, wheels, airflow system, and also bolts. Today, there are numerous kinds of grass mowers readily Akku Rasenmäher Test available on the market – from gas lawnmowers to electrical lawnmowers; individuals nowadays have a lot of choices to pick from. When you are trying to find a brand-new mower in the marketplace, there are virtually no factors to not take into consideration a cordless electrical yard mower. There are, nevertheless, two significant drawbacks to this version.

This brand name is a leader in tractors, cyclists, as well as various other exterior tools as well as this design is qualified for dealing with any type of requiring grass conveniently. On top of that, Mower Magic can perform solutions as well as repair work for nearly all brand names as well as kinds of Garden or Outdoor Powered Equipment. Allow’s discover out much more. Dragging out of the shed, obtaining the leads established up, pressing and also dragging this non-hovering hover lawnmower up until she had a face like a beetroot. Rapid ahead to the moment of the Industrial Revolution, in the year 1830, the very first mower was birthed. However, the run time of your lawnmower is 20 mins. Cordless electrical grass mower is a whole lot simpler to make use of. Nonetheless, did you recognize that even more and also even more individuals are purchasing cordless designs? Right here’s why even more individuals choose cordless grass mowers. As gas lawn mowers add to 5% of the country’s air contamination, government laws motivate individuals to sell their old gas lawn mowers for rechargeable cordless electric lawnmowers.…

UK’s High 10 On-line Playing Presents


Desk Tuesday once more rewards depositing gamers with as much as £150 in free play credit score, however this time it’s for 3 high desk video games, European Roulette, Multi-hand Blackjack and On line casino Reels Video Slot. The max quantity that may be awarded could be seen within the accompanying desk. DOUBLE wager button will allow the Participant to double up all of the unconfirmed bets which have been positioned on the desk. You don’t actually need to be wanting just for the largest bonus, which is able to in all probability include ridiculous wagering necessities and a brief validity interval. However graphics and bonuses are usually not all that you just have to be searching for. The very first thing that you must verify is the phrases and circumstances behind the enticing on line casino bonus codes which might be on supply from a quantity of internet sites. On-line link nova88 casino actual cash no deposit bonus within the USA is the best alternative to earn actual cash.

As you progress by the completely different VIP ranges, from a base member all of the method to VIP Elite standing, you’ll take pleasure in unique bonuses, tickets to occasions, greater deposit limits and extra. By tapping the highest UP button, the Participant can high up each invalid wager to the corresponding minimal limitation, and subsequently, all bets are confirmed and taken into the Players’ account. If the Participant locations bets which are decrease than the minimal guess limitation and taps the Verify button, an alert window will seem to supply the Participant two choices: prime up or cancel to return to the sport. Every kind of Drake cell sport has their very own part within the foyer and it is the slots to the place many will head and what a actually terrific choice it’s, mixing up the cell Betsoft and Arrow’s Edge slots to supply a dizzying array of such high quality and have wealthy titles that every spin so easily in your hand.

JOKER123 on line casino is optimised for all smartphones whatever the cellular interface that you’re utilizing. All Indiana on line casino operators are planning cell betting apps, however no others have but introduced launch dates. All bets are confirmed and taken into the Player’s account as soon as the Affirm button is tapped.