WCOOP Event #11: Report

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Normally playing bad cards is a bad thing. In Razz, you try to play as many bad cards as possible. It’s not a surprise then that a player who likes playing bad cards, a player named OnlyPlayRagz, would be the winner of Event #11, the only Razz event of the WCOOP.
Although one of the smaller events of the WCOOP, Razz is always a fun one. Razz is a game similar to seven card stud, except the worst hand wins. It is often called the most frustrating game around, as even though your hand may look good on early streets, it tends to look worse and worse as the betting rounds go on. But don’t let Razz fool you, it’s a game that takes as much skill as any.
The pro’s didn’t make a large showing at the small event. However, tournament pro THE__D__RY continued his success in the WCOOP with a 16th place finish for nearly $2,000. Dario Mineri, GB2005, and Greg “Fossilman” Raymer represented other pro’s who did well, each making the money.
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In the end, we had a final table that was really anyone’s game. OnlyPlayRagz stuck to the advice of his name and pulled out a victory for over $40,000. Here were the rest of the final table payouts.
1 OnlyPlayRagz United States $41,136.79
2 needabanana United States $37,296.11
3 larki1 Norway $29,759.09
4 JAMEST1 United States $15,240.96
5 atactor United States $12,465.60
6 lvstraddle United States $10,113.60
7 tsudneves United States $7,761.60
8 Ima_QT United States $5,409.60
9 j catlett United States $2,116.80
WCOOP Event #9 may have been the most exciting of all the events so far. Rebuy events are known to have some crazy and aggressive play. Players often joke that the Swedes are the most aggressive players around, so it’s not too much of a surprise that a Swede ruthan took down the top prize of almost $200,000.
Many professionals entered the event. Online pro Randallin had the best showing of them, receiving 21st place for a nice score of almost $5,700. hockeystud94, a former Sunday million winner, was seen on the leaderboard for most of the tournament but ended up busting out in 28th place. It looked like samh133, the winner of Event #1 may be our first winner of two bracelets, but also ended up falling short in 68th place. SCtrojans, ranked the 4th best online tournament pro by pocketfives.com , received 50th place. High stakes cash game pro’s Stinger and Mesmerizeplz also had strong showings, but were unable to pull out a victory.
The fan favorite of the tournament had to be Humberto Brenes. The likable live tournament pro went deep into the bitcoin dice tournament. The chat box at his table was filled with fans, all hoping Humberto could win a WCOOP bracelet. Humberto would often chat with his observers, maybe hoping the positive thinking of others would improve his luck. Unfortunately, Humberto busted out in 108th place for only about $2,000.
FTRer’s MuckingUrMom and busto_soon also entered the event, but neither was able to cash. Both of them had moderate chip stacks a couple of hours in, but whether it was dead cards or bad luck, neither found themselves in the money.
The final table was filled with unknowns. When there were 4 players left, the prize pooled was chopped, with each player receiving a 6 figure payout. The players were left with $66,000 on the table to battle it out. With most of the money already divided up, the play loosened up tremendously. When all the smoke cleared, amateur ruthan came out with the victory and nearly a $200,000 pay out. The rest of the payouts were as follows.
ruthan (Sweden) $198,126.00
2. LUHMAN (United States) $109,241.00
3. yojje (Sweden) $107,109.00
4. kiwid10 (Sweden) $144,539.00
5. Qcity1 (United States) $59,129.16
6. Blinda74 (Sweden) $44,578.36
7. OlliPolli (Finland) $31,350.36
8. 777NMC (Brazil) $19,445.16
9. puffinmypurp (United States) $11,640.64

Note: The country of Sweden felt a big boost in it’s economy as its countrymen brought home nearly a half million dollars.